Hygienic Valves-BARDIANI 100% MADE IN ITALY

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Ensuring a safe and reliable production.

Selecting the right valve is not easy. Each application requires other criteria. Our process expert helps you to decide what solution fits best your needs. He also takes into account other aspects, such as lowering your maintenance costs and increase your profitability.

The total Bardiani program of sanitary valves encompasses a broad spectrum, from simple basic versions up to innovative designs that meet the most extreme automation, safety and hygiene requirements. Whatever solution you choose, all of our components are certified and traceable. "Best of Breed" We propose solutions attuned to your processing environment. Your only guarantee of the right and best performing solution. Discover our sanitary valves 


Ball valves
Butterfly valves
Single seat valves
Double seat valves
Aseptic diaphragm valves
Regulating valves
Ball valves - sanitary
3-way cock

Image result for BARDIANI VALVES
Image result for BARDIANI VALVES