OMAC Lobe Pumps-Italy

OMAC Lobe pumps are special designed pumps to transfer fluids up to 1.000.000 cps viscosity. It provides transfer of sticky, corrosive or sensitive surfaced fluids as linear, smooth and measurable. It works perfectly at temperatures between -20 and +200 Deg. C

Flow: 3-1050 Litres / 100 Revolution
Power Range: 1.5kW to 75 kW
Connections: DN 25 / 1"- DN 200 / 8"
MOC: SS316 & Duplex
Discharge Pressure: 4-20 Bar

OMAC Lobe Pump consists of AISI 316 stainless dosage head and gear box. Gear box transmits the power from motor to this mechanism. Movement of motor shaft is transmitted to rotor shaft by two gears. All surfaces of contact in fluid are made by stainless material, hygienic pump body comply with food standards. Lobe pumps enable to transfer of viscous fluids without any problem. Different rotor and seal options are available according to fluid viscosity and chemical properties of fluid. Heat jacket types can be used for intermittent processes and in case of fluid tends for freezing. Thus, freezing protection of product in the pump is guaranteed. OMAC lobe pumps are designed as modular, so main parts such as rotor and seals can be changed easily.

Rotors in lobe pumps are moving into opposite direction. During rotation, very sensitive spaces are between the rotors and pump body. Thus, metal parts do not corrode and not squeeze product. OMAC lobe pumps are proper for CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Sterile in Place) used for pump sterilization in especially food and drug industry. OMAC is one of the small numbers of lobe pump manufacturers. OMAC have EHEDG - A3 food and hygiene certificates.

OMAC B series lobe pump consists of epoxy painted cast gear pump mechanism and AISI 316 stainless steel pump head. Pump chassis is designed to facilitate the connection to vertical and horizontal lines. There are a lot of types to meet with wide-range capacity and viscosity requirements. It is proper for CIP and SIP processes.